minutes in minutes

create meeting minutes fast...

Do you want to spend less time in meetings?
Then "minutes in minutes" is an app built for you. This app assists you in having shorter and more productive meetings and helps you to create and distribute the meeting minutes and protocols and distribute them as PDF or Word-files in a flash.
"minutes in minutes" has a full set of features for meeting minute, meeting agendas, action items, attendance and reminders. You can easily send meeting related emails straight from your device.
All this on a lightweight device such as your iPhone or iPad using the display keyboard or a wireless Bluetooth keyboard.

iPhone running 'minutes in minutes''



- Import events from your iOS calendar,
copy an event or create emtpy meeting minutes


- Add todo's, decisions and informations with photos of flip-chart or whiteboard
- Assign tasks to attendees.
- Define duedate
- Add participants from your address book
- Define if attendee is present or absent

iPhone running 'minutes in minutes''


- Distribute meeting minutes as Email.
(Attached as Word-File or PDF)


- Add your companylogo in header





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